Online Courses

On this page you will be able to gain access to my online courses.  I will release a new course every few months.

If you are an individual signing up for a course, you can complete the entire registration process online.  If you are interested in having employees in your organization take an online course, please contact for information on special packages that are available.

Each course comprises five lectures, each lecture being around an hour long. The five lectures will be available to you for a period of 45 days, and you can watch them at your own pace—all at once or spread over the month-and-a-half. You can watch each lecture multiple times if you so choose. In addition, you will receive links to other resources—books, academic journal articles, videos, and so on—which you can use to deepen your understanding of the material.  With each lecture, you will receive a few assignments; these can take you anywhere between thirty minutes and two hours, depending on how much you choose to invest.

Positive Psychology 101: The Science of Happiness

Positive Psychology, "the scientific study of optimal human functioning," provides practical tools for better living.  In this course I discuss current research related to the science of happiness and introduce ideas and practices that can actually make you happier.  Topics that I cover in this course include positive transformation, the permission to be human, appreciating appreciation, and attaining lasting change.
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Positive Psychology 102: Realizing Your Dreams

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In this course I provide tools for identifying and realizing your dreams.  I discuss how beliefs become self-fulfilling prophecies, the importance of focusing on strengths, and the role of failure in success.  It is not necessary to take the first course (Positive Psychology 101) in order to enroll in this one.